Özcan Özler ve Evlatları Ziraat İşletmesi is a sister company and the production branch of Özler Ziraat. The company utilizes 4 Generations of experience and knowledge in agriculture, professional approach and systematic functioning to produce the highest quality fruits in Turkey. Striving to produce the safest, best quality fruits and vegetables while preserving the natural and environmental balance, the company developed and adopted countless new methods and techniques. In accordance with the recent developments in international awareness, since 2004, all 600 hectare Özler production area is GLOBALGAP certified.

Leader of agriculture and production in Çukurova, Özler introduced the drip irrigation system to the region; developed planting techniques against the high soil water level; adapted machinery and new methods for night time irrigation and spraying. Through its innovative efforts, Özler helps the environmental cause by conserving water and electricity, using low-concentrate pesticides, economizing fuel and reducing carbon emission.